Pipe Organ Restoration & Rebuild
Pipe Organ Restoration in Orrville, Ohio

Schantz Organ Company has developed a world-class reputation in the area of rebuild and restoration of noteworthy existing pipe organs.

Fluent in the mechanism of many of America's leading houses of organbuilding – including Skinner Organ Company, Aeolian-Skinner, Aeolian, Möller, Kimball, Kilgen and others – our staff and facilities offer an unparalleled combination of skill and physical space to accommodate and complete even the most complex and sizeable rebuild and restoration tasks.

Utilizing the same turn-key approach we bring to new commissions, our staff recognizes the vast output of American organbuilding which deserves to be maintained, preserved, and propelled forward for the next generation.

Whether restoring pipework by re-capturing the voice of the original builder, rebuilding mechanism to like-new condition, or providing a new mechanical chassis to accommodate a revised layout or the relocation of an existing instrument, the skilled artisans of Schantz Organ Company know and appreciate that leaving our "thumbprint" or tonal signature is not the goal of the successful restorer or re-builder. A healthy respect and acknowledgement for those craftspersons that have gone before us, assists in guiding and directing our work in this discipline.

Pipe Organ Restoration & Rebuild